Are you looking to be free of:

Sexual Trauma






Childhood Trauma

Social Anxiety




Panic Attacks






Counseling is a personal and private decision.  Some might even be concerned that to seek counseling is a sign of weakness.  I completely disagree with that concern.  I know that to participate in counseling is a true sign of strength and shows how much you truly value yourself and your health.  Our emotional and mental health has a direct impact upon our physical health as well as our personal and professional relationships.

There are many counselors and many types of counseling to choose from.  Finding a therapist who works in a way that is beneficial to you is very important to you getting the counseling results you are looking for.  I advise every potential client to educate themselves so that they can make an educated decision about the counseling they participate in.  I encourage you to wander through my website to seek information and answers.  If, in doing so, you have more questions, want more information or decide you would like to schedule an appointment please give me a call!





I also provide Mental Health/Behavioral Health Consultations for other clinical professionals and life coaches.  I know those of us in this field are aiming to be a transformative influence in the lives of our clients and there are times we can greatly benefit from consulting with other like minded professionals.  Consulting is a way to improve our skills and to better help our clients.  If you are seeking a Professional Consultant please wander through my website as well and call if you have more questions or would like to schedule a mental health/behavioral health consultation appointment.